Welcome to the colossal development, which is Mayfield Village, Mayfield village is at the moment, the biggest home development site in Brampton. This project is estimated to be complete within the next 10 years, with as many as 6-7 phases of newly developed homes. This project will include townhouses, semi-detached, detached, and work/live homes. Work/live homes are the houses described by us as having a functioning business at the bottom and a complete living area on the upper end.  Examples of such can be found in the Mount Pleasant project in Northwest Brampton.

We’ve spoken to many salespeople at the builders sales centers, and we’ve been quoted an estimated amount of homes that are to be constructed, the whopping number as quoted is 7000-8000 new homes! So you can imagine the sheer size of this project.  Of course, just one builder cannot tackle a project of this magnitude alone; so 5 different builders bring Mayfield Village to you. Aspen Ridge, Countrywide Homes, GreenPark, Marycroft, and Regal Crest all have a piece of this pie.

Four main streets, Countryside road, Dixie road, Mayfield road, and Bramalea road surround the location of Mayfield Village. If you live near the current construction zone, you probably knew this was coming. The vacant land has been sitting there ready to be developed for quite some time now. However, we didn’t expect that land to be all houses. And in a way it isn’t, the site plan purposes up to 5 or more new schools to be built, a couple retail plazas, and room for parks and recreation. Mayfield Village is an indicator as to how much demand there is for homes in Brampton.  A large percentage of immigrants who come to Brampton to begin their lives usually start out by renting in Bramptons inflated illegal basement market. These are the people saving up money for down payments to purchase houses, and many of them will steer straight into a newly developed home fresh from the builder, and will continue renting as the house comes to completion.

Even with the high prices of real estate in today’s market, salespeople who work for builders have told us that the initial phase, phase 1 took approximately 14 months to be sold out. How many homes were sold? It’s kind of difficult to figure that out as each builder has their own set amount properties they are developing. Phase 1 is developed at the Countryside and Dixie corner, with some buyers already settled in, the site is still a fresh construction area, with no grass or roads paved.  Of the 5 developers working on Mayfield Village, 4 were open for business when we went in for questions. And of those 4 developers only 1 had any homes available from phase 1. CountryWide said stated that they had 3 units available for closing in May/June of 2016. Salesperson John Staplteri advised me that the Aziz model was the one to go for, priced at $502,990 for a 1,967 square foot townhome. The alternative option was the Tiamo model, which was priced at $492,990 for 1,879 square feet. Other than those houses, everything’s sold out.

Countrywide also offered bonuses to whoever would be the final purchasers of their Phase 1. The bonus package included stained hardwood throughout the home excluding the basement stairs, a 5 piece appliance package from the builders standard package, which includes, refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and front loading washer and dryer. Along with the hardwood and appliances, they also provide you with one year free rogers services, VIP package for TV, hi-speed internet and home phone. The last item included in this bonus package is $5000 for you to spend in upgrades at Countrywide home design studio. Compared to Aspen Ridges $10,000 in free upgrades at the design studio, Countrywide seems to offer the better bonus package, but I’m sure if you were to walk into Aspen Ridge as a buyer, they would give you a hook up on the bonus packages.

Phase 2 of Mayfield Village is to be released on Saturday, February 6th, 2016. Phase 2 is still located closer to the Dixie and Countryside intersection, as construction will move north from Dixie towards Mayfield as each phase is released. According to Representatives at Green park, Phase 2 of their homes will be move in ready by March 2017 as construction is set to start March 2016. The closer closing dates are October and November 2016 for the first few finished houses.

Deposit structures for the builders are all quite similar and competitive:

Countrywide requires $10,000 with offer
$10,000 in 30 Days
$10,000 in 60 days
$10,000 in 90 days
= $40,000 in total

Regal Crest requires $10,000 with offer
$10,000 in 60 days
$10,000 in 90 days
= $30,000 in total

Aspen Ridge requires $10,000 with offer
$10,000 in 60 days
$10,000 in 120 days
= $30,000 in total

Green Park requires $20,000 with offer
$20,000 in 60 days
$20,000 in 90 days
= $60,000 in total

Marycroft will be updated at a later date when we receive more information.

We’ve also added a list of example prices for you the viewer to get an idea of how much these houses cost and along with the cost we’ve added some features that are unique between each builder. Since we were only available to get in touch with some builders regarding these factors as phase 1 is sold out, we’ve provided information from the builder who did provide us with the details on their homes.

For example, a 2208 square feet detached single on a 38’ lot from Regal Crest depending on the elevation can run you anywhere from $639,900 to $664,900 and that’s before you add your magic touch through their many options.

A similar home from Greenpark which will come in at around 2,183 square feet for the same 38’ lot size will run you around $693,900, also before your added options.

Aspen Ridge offers their 2,157 square foot model The Abigail on a 38’ foot lot as well for the running price of $699.990. Options of course, not included.

These are just examples picked for the purpose of this article, while the prices are true, there are many other models and styles available that could fit your budget.
If you’re wondering what kind of features and finishes are included and are available for your choosing we’ve compiled a small list for that as well. Note, these are not all the features and finishes, just a small sample of them for you to get an idea of what builders are offering. For example, Aspen Ridge has more than 70 options that come with your home, but we’ll highlight some from the kitchen and other interior features.

Aspen Ridge Homes


  • Flat panel Oak or Maple kitchen cabinets with Taller Upper Cabinets and laminate counter tops
  • Stainless steel kitchen sink
  • Single level designer faucet from Delta, Moen, or Riobel with integrated pull-out spray
  • Rough in electrical and plumbing supply for dishwasher.


  • 9’ Ceilings on main floor and 8’ on second floor
  • Off-white painting inside
  • Stained oak veneer staircase
  • Gas fireplace with stone cast mantle
  • Wire shelving in all closets
  • Interior decorative smooth columns
  • Smooth finish ceiling
  • Choice of R5 black metal with alternating collars OR modern R1 square oak stained pickets
  • 2 panel smooth Cambridge interior doors with unpainted brushed chrome finish hinges, locks and lever handles.
  • Cold Cellar provided in Basement


  • Imported ceramic wall tiles in all bathtubs up to ceiling
  • Master ensuite separate shower stalls
  • White pedestal sink in all powder rooms
  • Deep acrylic soaker tubs
  • Porcelain sinks in all bathrooms
  • Strip lighting in all second floor bathrooms

Greenpark Homes


  • Standard kitchen cabinets with 41” uppers
  • Double stainless steel sink with single level faucet
  • Laminate counter tops
  • Hood fan


  • Inside doors and trim painted fro one colour of your choice
  • Oak stairs, railing, stringers, treads and pickets, with finish from first to second floor
  • Standard 9 foot main ceiling height
  • Gas fireplace
  • Choice of two paint colours for interior walls
  • 800 series, Clermont or Classique doors with knobs or levers finished in satin chrome


  • Laminate counter tops
  • Ceramic tile on bathtub
  • Exhaust fans in all bathrooms
  • Plate mirrors
  • Single lever faucets
  • Shut off valves for sinks
  • Recessed light in shower stall and glass shower door
  • Acrylic bathtubs

Hopefully, these features and finishes give you an idea of what kinds of houses are being constructed at Mayfield Village. Asides from all the mentioned above, all new homes are covered by the Tarion Warranty Corporation. This warranty protects you from defects in workmanship and materials for 1 year. Electrical, plumbing and heating distribution systems are covered for 2 years for defects in workmanship and materials. Also a 7 year warranty is provided to cover any major structural defects during that period.

As new phases of this project are released for the public to purchase we will continue to update this article, to let the public know if any charges are being made or if any builder deals are available for purchase. If you would like to purchase a home in Mayfield Village or are interested in knowing more information, please contact the MyBramptonLife team and we will always help you!